SONY HVR-HD1000 crazy problem!

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SONY HVR-HD1000 crazy problem!

Postby Neloangelo » 24 Dec 2013 01:32

Hello HDV fellows!

I am new to this forum, i thought i could find an answer here so i registered.

I have bought a HVR-HD1000U 3 months ago for wedding/etc professional shooting.
I started using it immediately, and have recorded around 10 weddings till now so last week i started to import them in Premiere pro CS6 for editing.

(please note that i do the recording directly on the internal memory and then moving it to my computers hard drive)

What i noticed is that on long takes of 10+ minutes (normally during the dancing time) when the camera is on the tripod, in Premiere sequence i find those video clips losing sound and frame for 1 second every 10-15 minutes!!!
I have tried to find some answers everywhere in the web with no luck.

Could that be because the product is defected in some way?
Could it be because of a buffer issue?
Could it be a setting that i miss to see?

Please help me out here i am going insane!


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Re: SONY HVR-HD1000 crazy problem!

Postby acgold7 » 26 Dec 2013 03:47

I'm going to give you some clues:

The camera is not defective.
It is not a buffer issue.
It is not a settings issue, at least not one you can change.

It has to do with how you are recording and capturing. It has to do with the phrase "Internal memory," which is not how the HD-1000 was designed to record video.

You will not have this problem if you read the instructions that came with your cam and follow them. You will not have this problem if you record to tape and use Premiere to capture. If you are using a CF Card recorder such as the MRC1k, you will not have this problem if you use the provided software -- on a PC only -- and follow the instructions to capture and ingest.

We've had this discussion so many times that that's all I'm going to say for now.

Bonus Clue: FAT32 File Size.

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Re: SONY HVR-HD1000 crazy problem!

Postby Stephan » 26 Dec 2013 09:38

The limitations of FAT32 forces camcorders to break recordings into 2GB chunks. Use Sony's provided software "Picture Motion Browser" to stich them together and resolve the gap, before you use the resulting video into any other software (incl. Premiere).

Search Google for "picture motion browser 2GB".

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Re: SONY HVR-HD1000 crazy problem!

Postby acgold7 » 27 Dec 2013 03:06

You do not need to use PMB to copy HDV movies to PC if you have Premiere. In fact, you shouldn't. If you are shooting to tape you should capture directly in Premiere.

The HD1000U cannot shoot HDV video to internal memory. It has no internal memory. It uses Memory Sticks for stills only.

If the OP means he is using the MRC bolted to the HD1000 and CF cards, then he needs to use Ru_util.exe to capture, not PMB. PMB cannot do this.

His problem is caused because he is, I am guessing, simply dragging the m2t files from the CF cards to his HDD on the PC or, worse, possibly a Mac. The header info is missing and will never reconstruct the files that way. But only ru_util will do this, not PMB.

Or perhaps he is using a utility like HDVSplit to capture and is dragging the files into Premiere this way. That might also cause this problem.

So I will ask:

Neloangelo -- exactly what do you mean by "Internal Memory"? How do you get your video from the tape to the PC? Then what do you do? This is where your problem lies.

Unless, of course, you have an MC2000 and not an HD1000, in which case Stephan is absolutely correct, as he always is.

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