How to Open a Tape cage manually

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How to Open a Tape cage manually

Post by jgabriel_forum » 24 Jul 2010 15:07

When I attempt to remove a tape from my Sony DCR TRV 280 the cage opens fine the cage slides up successfully but the cage doesn't open. After about 5 seconds the cage slides back down. Can I open the cage manually without breaking it. Does anyone know what's causing the problem and how to correct it.

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Re: How to Open a Tape cage manually

Post by 5random1 » 21 Aug 2011 01:55

If you have a RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULTS button, (and can find it - sometimes it is "hidden" or the manual has an explanation buried in "Troubleshooting") then try using that button.

Has worked on my Sony HDR-HC9 more than a couple of times. Also: Write down all the changes you made to factory settings BEFORE using the Reset button. Then you have the "joy" of re-programming all the menus, but the tape transport operates completely again.

Hope that helps.

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