New Canon XF100 / XF105

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New Canon XF100 / XF105

Post by Stephan » 06 Sep 2010 08:00

Canon came out with 2 new High Definition camcorders:
- XF100 product page
- XF105 product page
- First Impressions Review by Camcorderinfo
- Blog post @ Videomaker

They are compact-sized, slightly smaller than my Sony HDR-FX7 so I thought they might be a possible replacement. But at $4000 expected price (ouch!) for one single 1/3'' sensor (disappointment!), well... no sir.

50 Hz / 60 Hz switching is available (that's good), but it's a pay-for upgrade.

With a compact form factor and XLR inputs, Canon seems to be going after the same market as Sony did with the HVR-A1 except that it's tapeless now. Some people will probably need them just as they needed a compact cam with XLR inputs (willing to sacrifice some optical performance maybe).

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Re: New Canon XF100 / XF105

Post by noa » 27 Sep 2010 10:02

But at $4000 expected price (ouch!) for one single 1/3'' sensor (disappointment!), well... no sir.
When I saw the xf300-305 appearing on the eu market it had prizes of resp 7500 and 8500euro, if you consider I bought my xh-a1 3 years ago for 3000euro the new canon line up is very expensive, ok, it uses newer technology and outputs a better looking image but even the xf100 which I expect to be around 3500-4000 euro is also overpriced in my opinion. Many say it's worth the investment but for the price of a xf305 f.i. I can get a sony ex3 (it's even about 300 euro cheaper.)
I think I will sit out all this new technology that's coming our way, sony and panasonic are introducing some exiting new camera's as well and I think that especially Panasonic will come out with some more "budget" friendly camera's, much like what they did with their hmc151 which sells at 3200euro here.

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