New HF S30 Member

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New HF S30 Member

Post by KMA367 » 21 Oct 2011 19:22

21 Oct 2011 The camcorder fired up right away and so far it appears that everything is good to go. I have had it just long enough to put the UV filter and tulip on, charge the battery and join the Canon HD forum - to look for any tips and tricks that may be offered.

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Re: New HF S30 Member

Post by Stephan » 21 Oct 2011 23:42

Hi, welcome!

We don't have so many Canon users, unfortunately. So it seems *you* will be the one providing the tips LOL :-) Okay, seriously, many questions or tips are related / applicable to videomaking in general anyway (regardless of camcorder make or model). I hope you enjoy your new cam!

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Re: New HF S30 Member

Post by jasperedwards81 » 29 Nov 2011 21:07

I am a complete newbie in that I am still considering which HD camcorder to go with. I am strongly considering the S30 along with the G10 and as of the moment, the Panasonic TM900 is still in the hunt. My goal is to be able to create high quality videos to enjoy at home and to be able to post HD quality videos to YouTube. A couple of questions if you have time: 1) what other camcorders did you consider and what led you to the S30; 2) are you happy with it thus far?; 3) are the UV filter and tulip standard or were they optional extra-cost accessories; and 4) does a battery charger come with the S30 standard?

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