Monument Valley timelapse by Philip Bloom

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Monument Valley timelapse by Philip Bloom

Postby Stephan » 03 Aug 2010 07:59

Have you seen Philip Bloom's latest timelapse of Monument Valley?

The guy's not only talented and fun, he is also lucky! Rainstorm over Monument Valley, serial rainbows on the loose right over the desert, make splendid conditions for timelapses...

I love especially the timelapse of dawn (3:57 - 4:05).

On the 'down' notes:
- His color grading is a bit forced, I think. Too much yellow sometimes (although we do expect that, culturally).
- I wish the timelapse of dawn would have been slower. Timelapses sometimes feel a bit too fast for the [nice] music.

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Re: Monument Valley timelapse by Philip Bloom

Postby Doughie » 03 Aug 2010 14:21

Yes I saw it yesterday. I have always liked Monument Valley and its good to see it being featured in shorts.

My immediate reaction to the start of the video (well, from 35secs on) is that he used some of the music from the classic 1979 film 'Alien'. Its the music used at the start of Alien, before the "Seven Dreamers" all wake up.

Good stuff, but perhaps not his best that i've seen. I am just thinking perhaps he needs to step outside of his comfort zone a bit as, despite it being as good as it is, i've kinda seen it all before with his timelapse work. Perhaps thats a little harsh, but something a bit different would be great. He does tend to make fairly heavy but effective use of color-grading with Red Giant software's products for sure.

Following on the timelapse theme, and doing something a little bit different i did enjoy this :, which made novel and clever use of stop-motion blended with time-lapse. I don't recall ever having seen stop-motion used in this way, so that we're seeing stop-motion AND time-lapse at the same time. Clever.

(a little 'Behind the Scenes' commentary on how they did the above video is here :

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Re: Monument Valley timelapse by Philip Bloom

Postby steve » 03 Aug 2010 20:39

Looks good like most of PB's work but it seemed a bit soft. The edges are a bit fuzzy making it difficult to see what is really meant to be in sharp focus.


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