Rumored new Sony & Nikon D-SLRs + VG-20 + NEX-7 etc

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Re: Rumored new Sony & Nikon D-SLRs + VG-20 + NEX-7 etc

Postby Doughie » 24 Aug 2011 18:26

ok well just to confirm, that the new cameras are all confirmed. Dpreview has lots of info, as do lots of other sites.

They all shoot HiDef video, some in novel ways.

Much info out there.
Here is the European press releases on the A77, A65, VG20, NEX-7, NEX-5N etc :

Sony A77 & A65 APS-C SLT (SLR-like, but with translucent fixed-mirror, and EVF rather than OVF) : ... wsAreaId=2

Sony VG-20 : ... wsAreaId=2

Sony NEX-5N : ... wsAreaId=2

Sony NEX-7 : ... wsAreaId=2

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