Sony HDR-CX560V vs HDR-CX580V

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Sony HDR-CX560V vs HDR-CX580V

Post by panzr110 » 28 Aug 2012 02:06

I am struggling between the 2. I don't see a tremendous difference other then manual focus control, Image Sensor size, and still image quality . If I find the 560 at the same cost is it the better buy. I am banging my head on this so please give me some good info. I guess with a new 580 I get a warranty and I can extend it.


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Re: Sony HDR-CX560V vs HDR-CX580V

Post by Stephan » 31 Aug 2012 07:47


HDR-CX560V: older one, larger sensor (1/3" - larger is better), 64GB memory

HDR-CX580V: new generation, smaller sensor (1/4"), 32GB memory, loses the adjustment dial but gets a lens hood (sun shield).

What's wrong in this picture? Newer generation has lower specs and is stripped of some functionality? Yeah, Sony seems to have taken drastic decisions this year regarding product segmentation & price strategy, across the product range. Maybe the impact of earthquake, higher production costs, lower capacity, who knows...

Anyway, if you can get the older one with some extended warranty active, this might be a good idea. Otherwise Sony wants you to buy the 7xx range probably.

Hope this helps :-)

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