Documentary projects: what software?

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Documentary projects: what software?

Postby FoxAdriano » 16 Dec 2012 12:39

Hi, I usually use the software for documentary projects about indigenous peoples around the world. I don't need to share my projects. I usually make 30-45 minutes projects with 100GB of clips. I'm looking for a software easy to learn and with very friendly interface. Repeat: very friendly and easy to use. In your opinion is better Edius, Avid or Vegas? Thanks lot for your suggestions.

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Re: Documentary projects: what software?

Postby Doughie » 21 Dec 2012 16:48

well really any of software product for editing should be relatively easy to learn. they all tend to work in a similar way, drop i video clips, you have a timeline, add effects, cuts, crossfades, titles, fade in and fade out.

I use Sony Vegas, but the others you mention should be fine too.

you can download i think almost any software for a trial period. why not download 2 or 3 and see which of them just appeals to you most.

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