video making, audio alignment!

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video making, audio alignment!

Postby zer0118 » 05 Aug 2011 02:37

how do I do the following useing my exsisting video card(laptop video chip)

I am making a video, and I have had problems in the past with the audio in the video syncing with the video. one time I took the audio separated it from the video and modified it to try to correct the audio misalignment it only partially worked it seemed that the audio was bowed for lack of better words so I couldn't ever get it perfectly aligned so I had to have the audio misaligned at the beginning and at the end and just right in the middle

my question is being Im persueing a new video project now how to I avoid any audio misalignment problems. where the video and audio are perfectly aligned all the way through! is there a program out there that is Free that will work for me

thank you for your time

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Re: video making, audio alignment!

Postby acgold7 » 06 Aug 2011 02:42

Can't possibly help you until we know more. What cam, what type of file, what NLE (editor)? How are you importing? What are your PC specs?

Any decent NLE will allow you to unlink the audio and stretch it to fit, then re-link.

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