A new search engine dedicated to videomaking

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How often have you wasted time searching the Web for good camcorder / DSLR reviews, or video accessories, or looking for solutions to specific problems with your video editing software…

To help solve this problem and make best use of your time, Friends of HD Video is pleased to introduce a new search engine (powered by Google) that is fully dedicated to the needs of high-definition videomakers worldwide.

See the new search box on top of each page on this website? Check it out, as it will give you search results not just on Friends of HD Video, but also on a select list of hand-picked, first-rate websites related to videomaking…

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Step 1 – Query

Type your query in the box (observe how the autocompletion feature gives you some suggestions with most common queries).

Step 2 – Broad results

The default All Things Videomaking tab gives you results from all websites in the list, with Friends of HD Video being top first when we have contents here that are relevant to your query.

Step 3 – Narrow your search

Click on each tab to restrict results to select categories:

  • The Friendsofhdvideo.com tab only lists results in this website here.
  • The Product support tab lists results in all major manufacturers (Sony, Canon…) and software publishers websites – including product pages, knowledge bases, and official user forums (like Apple forums, Adobe forums, EDIUS forums…)
  • The Reviews and blogs tab lists results in independent blogs and reviews websites, like ProVideoCoalition, Camcorderinfo, Philip Bloom…

How useful is that?

Having a very specific issue with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere that might be best answered in the knowledge bases or official forums by those companies? Use the Product support tab.

Want to read reviews about stabilizing accessories for instance? Skip the affiliate / spam / low-value websites that often clog the ordinary search engines, and just use the Reviews and blogs tab here.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature!