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by acgold7
29 May 2010 19:27
Forum: Editing, color correction, media authoring, and web publishing
Topic: Which Editing package do you use?
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Re: Which Editing package do you use?

Doughie, until Steve weighs in-- I don't know Vegas, but it's possible, if it's like Premiere, that the limited Cineform license was only in a single older version. Premiere 1.5 couldn't do HDV, so the 1.5.1 update included a small Cineform version so you could import and cut HDV. It was invisible a...
by acgold7
25 May 2010 04:56
Forum: Sony HDV - High-end / 3-sensor camcorders
Topic: Tape and tapeless in the same camera?
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Re: Tape and tapless in the same camera?

You can add an MRC1k or DR60 to any cam with FW and an accessory shoe. But with the Z5 and Z7 (and S270), you can just snap the MRC onto the back without a cable, so record tape and tapeless together with a minimum of fuss.
by acgold7
24 May 2010 06:28
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: "Glad You Are Back!!"
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Re: "Glad You Are Back!!"

Frank, John, et al, great to see you guys back! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Can't wait to get going again...

Welcome back, all.