Camera Options?

How to shoot best high-definition video in various specific situations, regardless of camcorder model. Accessories: tripods, stabilizers, lights...
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Camera Options?

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Hi, I'm not sure where to post this but I'm looking for a 720-1080 HD camcorder with night vision and 20x or more optical zoom. I've been looking for a while but cant find anything the the right zoom and night vision, only one or the other. Help would really be appreciated, thank you.
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Re: Camera Options?

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The Sony HDR-CX730 and its derivatives have both night vision capability and a large zoom range. Beware though, the zoom is both optical, (the first 10 times) and digital expansion to 120 times. So with careful use, at 20 times, with the digital interpolation doubling the range, it would still be acceptable on a full HD image bearing in mind that the overall image resolution is limited more by the lens/sensor processing rather than the 1020x1080 format of the digitised output.
The CX730 with its 'Balanced Optical SteadyShot' also has the best image stabilisation package on the market.
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