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Forum Policy - please read

Post by Stephan » 29 Jul 2010 21:47

These rules apply to all users on this board. They may evolve and be updated without prior notice, so please take a moment to review them from time to time. Violation of these rules may lead to a gentle reminder, or to your account being issued a warning, or banned (temporarily or permanently), or altogether deleted. Violations are evaluated by Moderators or by the Site Administrator at their discretion, and decisions are final.

A. Respect for other members:
  1. This forum is helpful and friendly. Aggressive or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated.
  2. Please do not abuse other members' time:
    • This forum is about High Definition videomaking, everything else is off-topic.
    • Please read your camcorder's or DSLR manual before asking any questions. It is also recommended that you search the forum for previously published answers, since this can save everybody a lot of time.
    • Keep it on-topic. Each forum has a specific title and purpose - only post there if your topic fits into that forum's purpose. Similarly, each topic was created by a forum member with a specific purpose - only post there if your reply is on-topic. By courtesy to the original poster, don't hijack a thread by taking it off-topic.
    • Posts that add no value, like 'LOL' or 'Me too!', are an unnecessary waste of time and are best avoided - please help us maintain a high Signal/Noise ratio on this board.
    • Use of the QUOTE feature: do not quote entire messages, this is a waste of space and makes it unnecessarily unpleasant for other members to read your post. Quoting should generally be reserved for pulling out an individual statement or question that you're responding to.
  3. Be helpful and constructive, please do not write anything that might offend other members. If there is anything that you simply dislike, keep it to yourself because we just don't want to hear it.
  4. Anonymous usernames are allowed on this forum for one single reason: to respect your personal right to privacy. In return, we ask that you respect privacy of other members, and do not seek to connect forum usernames to real people identity and/or reveal identities.
  5. Clear and truthful geographical location is mandatory. When registering on this website, you must indicate clearly your geographical location (Country, or City, Country or City, State for example). This Location is displayed to other members next to each one of your posts, and since this board is a truly global community, this information is quite useful for other members to be aware of possible timezone, or language, or even cultural differences. Please note that as part of this board's ongoing protection against spamming and for the benefit of all users, if you don't comply with this requirement or if you try to conceal your true location (using proxy software for example), you will be considered a potential spammer and your account will be deleted.
  6. Platform wars, like Windows vs. Mac, or Sony vs. Canon vs. Panasonic, or Adobe vs. FCP vs. Avid... are prohibited.
  7. You may want to exercise extreme caution with any kind of humour, because humour does not cross cultural borders very well. What may seem funny to you might very well be offensive to another member.
B. Respect for equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and product distributors:
  1. As a general rule, disrespectful comments or direct criticism towards any company or organization are prohibited. If you need help with your equipment, software, or with some service, do ask for help on our forums (this is what they are here for) but be factual at all times and do not criticize the people or the businesses.
  2. Manufacturers assemble extremely talented teams, and invest a great deal of money and time, when designing and building camcorders or DSLRs. These complex equipments are the results of inevitable design vs. cost trade-off decisions, that make them necessarily imperfect. Recognize this and exercise balanced judgement (e.g. pros vs. cons, strengths vs. limitations) when writing about products. And most importantly, give proper respect to both those people who designed and built the product, and to potential or current owners who might actually like it.
C. Respect for all applicable laws:
  1. Forum members are prohibited from posting any contents that violate the laws of their country of residence or of nationality, or the laws of France, or European laws.
D. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights:
  1. Friends of HD Video is respectful of intellectual property rights. Forum members are prohibited from posting any contents that violates another party's rights in whichever way (copyright, author rights, moral rights, Creative Commons Licence...)
  2. Dispute policy: if you believe that your intellectual property rights have been directly violated by contents posted on this website, please accept our apologies and contact the Site Administrator providing due evidence of 1) your identity, 2) your rights and why they have been violated, 3) your authority to exercise those rights, so that the offending contents may be swiftly corrected or deleted.
  3. Forum members are encouraged to post original contents. When mentioning or reusing contents that have been published elsewhere, you must quote the source and attribute the contents to their rightful owner at all times.
E. Linking to other web sites:
  1. Unless absolutely necessary to prove or to dismiss a point, please avoid linking to other discussion forums.
  2. Other than discussion forums, when quoting or mentioning contents that have been published elsewhere, please do link to the original URL. Linking to high-quality, value-added blogs or informative websites, is absolutely encouraged. Again, link to your sources.
  3. Do not link to any website which hosts materials that violate, or may violate, another party's intellectual property or moral rights.
F. Advertising or marketing:
  1. Advertising or marketing by forum members is prohibited.
G. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
  1. Do not try to use this forum for SEO. Doing so will result in your account being deleted without further warning.
  2. Friendly members with a long-standing record of providing help to other members on a regular basis, are welcome to link to their own website (if any) on their profile or signature (pending Site Administrator approval). But do not perform keyword SEO in any case.
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