When was NAB 2011, again?

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When was NAB 2011, again?

Post by Stephan » 16 Apr 2011 23:40

Videomaker has a hilarious Videomaker NAB 2011 Awards.

Best Camcorder for NAB 2011 is... what?! A mere firmware upgrade?!

I like the criteria for this contest: "a product that was new to this show [and] that was guaranteed to ship within the year". Wow, this is a tough selection - this nearly got all contestants eliminated.

</sarcasm off>

Seriously, all media that invested money in covering this event must be counting their wounds now. Burnt once, never burnt twice? Or will business as usual resume next year maybe? Another 12 months left to speculate.

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Re: When was NAB 2011, again?

Post by Doughie » 18 Apr 2011 00:16

yeah that is pretty funny - the best camcorder is a firmware upgrade. Thats really clutching at straws. Well if it is indeed the case that a bunch of new product releases have been pushed back due to earthquake/tsunami effect, then i suppose there should be a bit of a glut of new stuff later this year? Maybe..

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