HDR-HC1E display problem

HDR-HC9 (2008). HDR-HC5, HDR-HC7 (2007). HDR-HC3 (2006). HDR-HC1 / HVR-A1 (2005).
Shoulder-mount HVR-HD1000.
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Stig L Lundberg
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HDR-HC1E display problem

Post by Stig L Lundberg »

After a few years now the display suddenly does not respond to pressure on the indicators. All other things work.
Tried to reset but now "time setting" comes up on the display and I can´t set the time as it is done on the display.
Suggestions anyone? Send it in or open it myself? No warranty left.

I have also had the "reinsert casette" problem on both this and my previous camera of same type. (This was unfortunately lost in the sea of Thailand) Unlock battery and slap the side seemed to work sometimes. Run the tape a few minutes on another camera also works. The problem usually only occurs on fully rewinded casettes.
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Re: HDR-HC1E display problem

Post by Stephan »

Sorry to hear that you're having problems! Frankly, this is an old camcorder now, they're not supposed to last so long...

By the way, it's strange that these companies have found a way to engineer devices that wait until warranty is over before they fail. Smart, but frustrating. I've got quite a few tapes myself too. I should capture them as soon as I can before my tape-based camcorders start failing me (it has already begun).
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Re: HDR-HC1E display problem

Post by Doughie »

yes i remember the HC1 being released globally in around Summer 2005 if i remember correctly. Its really quite an old machine now.
I have a similar Sony model, (bought in 2005, kinda like the HC1's predecessor but in Standard-Def) and eventually the LCD screen did fail on that machine, and also similar to yours, the tape-transport gave big problems with the same "reinsert cassette" message. Its the mechanical parts in the tape transport drive that just wear out or get dirty (coated with iron oxides from the tapes themselves). I googled quite a bit about it at the time, slapping firmly the side or base of the machine CAN work temporarily, but the problem will inevitably recur, as i think you have found out. SOny will probably ask around US$400 to 500 to repair it, obviously thats just not economical.

I think you have to accept that these things just wear out and have a limited life-span and move on. Anything with moving parts will eventually fail i think.
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Re: HDR-HC1E display problem

Post by acgold7 »

All that being said, it can certainly be repaired. But not by you.
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Re: HDR-HC1E display problem

Post by Winco »

I too have an HC1E and the swing out display touch screen will no longer accept touch commands, thus I understand this is an issue with a touch screen ribbon cable.

Professional repair outfits are quoting £150 to £250 to repair.

I have seen the ribbon cable on ebay for £8. There are good YouTube videos of HC1 disassembly and reassembly. It is not rocket science, just a lot of steps and noting where removed screws go back.

However, I understand there is another item that Sony recommend be changed/fitted to eliminate the ribbon cable issue in the future.

Can anyone advise on what the recommended item might be?
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