HDR-HC9 problem capturing HDV footage to PC

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HDR-HC9 problem capturing HDV footage to PC

Post by gormath » 22 Sep 2010 11:31

My first post here!

I recently purchased a hdr-hc9 and have been taking some trial footage with it. I have also been looking around for some consumer level editing software and downloading trial versions to see what I like. The problem is that with just about everything that I have trialed none of them seem to recognise that my Sony is connected to the computer when trying to import media in HDV. It is recognised when trying to capture it in DV.

I am using HDV tapes, record mode is set to 1080i and I have the HDR-HC9 connected via a sony iLink cable.

When I first connect it to the computer it starts up premiere elements automatically so it recognises that the camera is connected to the computer.

Any idea what could be causing this problem?

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Re: HDR-HC9 problem capturing HDV footage to PC

Post by acgold7 » 22 Sep 2010 20:33

The trial version of Premiere Pro does not do any form of HDV, so you'd be unable to truly test it with your cam if you shot HDV with it. Premiere Elements might suffer from the same restriction.

Try Vegas.

Obviously in all cases you must make sure that your project settings match the settings on your cam. Make sure i.link Conv is OFF, and VCR HDV/DV is set to HDV.

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Re: HDR-HC9 problem capturing HDV footage to PC

Post by 5random1 » 21 Aug 2011 01:38

In the APE (Adobe Premiere Elements) SPLASH SCREEN, before you start a new project, go to the upper RIGHT hand corner "Setup" and click on that.
Then select which Sony HDV standard you want to use for your project:
HDV 1080i 25 (Sony 50i) - for PAL countries
HDV 1080i 30 (Sony 60i) - for NTSC countries
HDV 720p 30 - do not use this one initially. Later a project you do may need this setting, but choose one of the two above the first time you use APE.

Click: "Save as Default"

Now Click "New Project" and try importing ("capturing") footage from your camcorder.

On your camcorder, remember to set your connection for iLink, and HDV (not HDV Conv - converts HD video you shot to DV video - I don't think you want to do that).
AFTER setting your camcorder, then plug the iLink cable into your camcorder and use the APE menus to Capture video from camera.

The trial version of APE may not support every version of Sony HDV camcorder, but I know my full retail version of APE 3.0 (really old version) works fine with my Sony HDR-HC9.
Have been using both for the past year and a half. (2009-2011)

Always check the SETUP (upper right corner) of APE every time you use it. Sometimes I down size to HDV 720 or use a NTSC standard format for a new project and forget to change it back when I start a subsequent project. Once you are passed the SPLASH SCREEN and in a new project, whatever you "Set as Default" the last time you used APE, will govern your new project.

Always check SETUP on APE's splash screen.

Hope this works and helps.

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Re: HDR-HC9 problem capturing HDV footage to PC

Post by TeamDisc » 28 Aug 2013 13:00

I wondered if you have successfully left a tape to capture the whole way through? I have been helping someone who a capture problem in that after about 30 minutes or more the capture can loose lip sync. It doesn't happen on short runs - only if we leave Adobe Premier Elements running to capture the whole tape.

If you did have this capture problem with APE have you tried any other software to solve this problem?

Many thanks

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Re: HDR-HC9 problem capturing HDV footage to PC

Post by steve » 29 Aug 2013 13:34

Have you tried Sony Movie Studio Platinum, (currently version 12). The 28 day free trial is fully functional and will certainly recognise Sony HDV camcorders. I find the application the most usable of all the consumer versions of full-price editors on the market and it behaves in the same way as the pro version for most functions.

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