Sony HXR-MC2000 AC Adaptor

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Sony HXR-MC2000 AC Adaptor

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Hello Friends,

Newbie here trying to follow a paper and digital trail.

We have a SONY HXR-MC2000 but apparently the adaptor has left the building?

We also have a SONY AC-L15A (DC OUT 8.4vi 1.7A) which I found hooked up to an old Sony GV-D1000 (mini DV recorder).

We found a HXR-MC2000U/MC2000N manual which calls for an AC-L100C adaptor but our camera is a HXR-MC2000.
I'm guessing that is the manual that was sent with the camera.

Researching on the web, the AC-L100C is 8.4V 1.5A?
The battery we currently have in the camera is a NP-F570.

Basically, can I use the AC-L15A for the HXR or will it fry the camera, or should I order a new AC-L100C to be on the safe side?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Sony HXR-MC2000 AC Adaptor

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You can basically use any Sony AC adapter with any cam as long as the plugs fit. They mix and match them all the time. As long as the voltages are the same it should work.
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