Sony HXR-NX30 - experiences?

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Re: Sony HXR-NX30 - experiences?

Post by Graham » 08 Mar 2014 01:11

Thanks people. Here are the photos. How it works. The soft furry part of the velcro is called the "loop" and the plastic part is called the "hook". In this application the hook is self adhesive, the loop is not. The hook has been trimmed and cut into two pieces, one piece to fit the flange on the camera hood and a second piece for the front of the camera body, where the hood would normally seat itself (if not for the filter). The hook is stuck onto each part, separately, self adhesive (see photo). The filter is screwed onto the camera body, the hood is screwed onto the filter (using the attchement ring fitted inside the hood). To prevent the hood from spinning freely, the "loop" is trimmed to fit snugly around the two parts (hood and camera body) and pressed in place to "Velcro" the hood and stop it from spinning. It holds the hood firm, and looks smart. Regards, Graham.
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Re: Sony HXR-NX30 - experiences?

Post by Smarky » 11 Mar 2014 03:23

Hi Graham,
Thanks for the great pics, (and inadvertently unleashing the fact that we can post pics on this site - thanks Stephan!)
That looks like a very simple and effective solution... well done! Sony will quite possibly now steal it, and try to sell it back to us as an accessory pack.
I'm off to get me some velcro. And there'll be no skimping on this job... Time to get out Mum's "Good Scissors".
Thanks again for the tip.
Best regards, Mark - Airlie Beach QLD

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Re: Sony HXR-NX30 - experiences?

Post by Doughie » 17 Mar 2014 16:06

Airlie Beach? Fantastic place, I love the Whitsundays, and QLD in general.
Good to hear from ya down under Smarky.

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Re: Sony HXR-NX30 - experiences?

Post by DanS » 14 Aug 2014 03:36

I've recently purchased the NX30 and like many of its features. There are some I really don't care for, like the not-so-touch touch screen controls and menu system. I could suggest quite a few simple improvements, like make the iAuto button an on/off instead of having to go to the menu, choose on/off, then touch ok.

I've also noticed that my outdoor shots are over-exposed when using iAuto by 0.7-1.0EV. I like using iAuto but as soon as you use AE shift to correct the exposure, you have to cancel out of iAuto.

Is there a way to permanently adjust the AE shift?

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Re: Sony HXR-NX30 - experiences?

Post by Stephan » 24 Aug 2014 00:35

I tried the iAuto (or iEasy something?) on another Sony camcorder, and found that it cancels any specific settings that you have made. Essentially worthless, stay out of it if you're going into specific AE Shift etc... settings. I've never gone into the iThing again, and my AE Shift settings have been retained unaltered ever since.

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