New Sony NEX-VG20 APS-C camcorder (replaces NEX-VG10)

Sony NEX-VG20, NEX-FS100 NXCAM 35mm (2011). NEX-VG10 (2010).
Panasonic AG-AF100/101 (2010).
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New Sony NEX-VG20 APS-C camcorder (replaces NEX-VG10)

Post by Stephan » 11 Sep 2011 17:43

Sony has this new Sony NEX-VG20 camcorder, which is an evolution of last year's NEX-VG10.

Press releases: Product pages: 3rd party coverage: Improvements seem to include:
  • Upgraded sensor
  • New framerates: 24p / 60p / 60i (US - no 30p), 25p / 50p (EU)
  • Ability to capture RAW
  • 5.1 channel surround audio
Availability expected in November. There are 2 flavors of it: NEX-VG20 is body only, NEX-VG20H comes with the 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 stock lens which - I recall - wasn't so well received (too slow).

NEX-VG20_main_3.png (99.14KiB)Viewed 6366 times
NEX-VG20_rear_3.png (180.92KiB)Viewed 6366 times
NEX-VG20_with lenses.png
NEX-VG20_with lenses.png (310.23KiB)Viewed 6366 times

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Re: New Sony NEX-VG20 APS-C camcorder (replaces NEX-VG10)

Post by Doughie » 14 Sep 2011 03:51

friend of mine used a VG-10 for a week or two. He liked it a lot, great image, big sensor. A bit lacking in manual controls and very much (from that aspect) a consumer cam, but really nice image.

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