Help - Capturing JVC recorded tapes from a Sony z1

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Help - Capturing JVC recorded tapes from a Sony z1

Post by jharve »

Hey guys, I could do with some help.

I have a JVC GY Hd 101e and have captured footage in standard definition on Sony mini DV tapes. My firewire port on the JVC is faulty and now my tape deck needs repairing. I've managed to get my hands on a Sony Z1 but the first couple of tapes I tried, the Z1 would play them but you couldn't capture the footage.

Is this a workable situation or are the two cameras incompatible?

I would really appreciate help with this as I'm starting to worry I cant capture my tapes. Thanks.
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Re: Help - Capturing JVC recorded tapes from a Sony z1

Post by Stephan »

If you can play the tapes, then they must be compatible.

Troubleshooting steps:

First, if you shot Standard Definition, you need to go into the Z1 camcorder menu *before you connect it to the computer* and set it to output DV. Go to the 'IN/OUT REC' menu, select the item called 'VCR HDV/DV', and set it to 'DV' (not AUTO nor HDV).

Second, make sure you don't fry your camcorder firewire port - unplug all power before you connect the devices. See this post: iLink/Firewire problems

Once you have connected everything according to above instructions, after you have powered on everything, go to your computer's device manager and check that your camcorder is recognized by the operating system. Then you can proceed to your NLE software.
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