screenshotThe historical HDV forum was founded in September 2004, at the same time Sony was launching the first-ever affordable High Definition camcorder – the HDR-FX1.

Thanks to expert guidance by Kerr Cook, who was later joined by moderators Doughie and acgold7 (Adam), this historical forum grew to an enthusiastic community over the years, sharing together countless tips and invaluable advice about High Definition Video and how to improve everyone’s experience in HD videomaking.

However, due to technical difficulties beyond any ability to recover, had to cease operations in February 2010.

A new community for serious High-Definition videomaking

Now, the whole team – Kerr, Doughie, Adam, and Stephan – have decided to gather again in creating a new community for video hobbyists around the world. A forum for all HD video camcorders (AVCHD, HDV) and video DSLRs.

The same team: friendly help, expert advice.

How can we help you? Why do you want to register?

Read more details in the full announcement: New forums to help you make the best of your HD camcorder or video DSLR.

Are you confused with your camcorder? Need some tips? Come and ask us! We only request 3 things in return: be friendly too, share your experiences… and please read your camcorder or DSLR manual before asking questions!

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