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Camcorders galore at CES 2011!

Vegas will always be Vegas!Now that CES 2011 (January 6-9 in Las Vegas) has ended, here is a recap of the new camcorder releases that caught our attention, with direct links to our news coverage and forum discussions. Enjoy!



  • Canon HF G10 / XA10 – small, but with a clever convertible design and features aplenty for the demanding consumers / prosumers
  • Canon HF S30 – an update to the S-series product line (maybe the last iteration?)


PS: if you like the photo on the right, here’s another one. All pictures from CES 2011 for Friends of HD Video: credits to Astroman from Arizona.

Sony NEX-VG10 vs. DSLR: how do they compare?

Sony NEX-VG10 high-definition APS-C camcorder

[ Jump to the forum discussion: Sony NEX-VG10 (APS-C sensor, interchangeable lens) ]

Two months after a preliminary teaser, Sony announced the new NEX-VG10 camcorder. With a DSLR-sized sensor and interchangeable lenses, this new high-definition video camera brings outstanding, unprecedented options to the videomaking world.

But who is it really for? Should you get a NEX-VG10 or a DSLR? As often, it all depends on what you really need… Now this camcorder calls for a full specs review and comparison.

For answers and more, continue the discussion in our forum thread: Sony NEX-VG10 (APS-C sensor, interchangeable lens)

Here is also, hereafter, a demo video published by Sony.

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Sony announces interchangeable lens, DSLR-like HD camcorder

Sony new DSLR-like HD camcorder

Sony announced on May 11, 2010 the development of a completely new HD camcorder (read the full press release).

Essential characteristics are:

  • Interchangeable lenses, compatible with the “E-mount” interchangeable lenses developed for the NEX-5 and NEX-3 still cameras. For those, see the announcement and previews at DPReview – Sony NEX mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras previewed,
  • Compatibility with α DSLR lenses via a mount adaptor,
  • APS HD CMOS sensor, that should bring the same image quality as the current crop of video DSLRs from Canon, Nikon…

Any question or comment on this article? Come over discuss it on our HD camcorders forums!

With these two combined announcements, Sony is introducing brand new exciting options in the market: a DSLR sensor in a true camcorder form factor (we shall see how that fits in one’s hand though), and DSLR-like still cameras in a compact form factor.

As Matthew Jeppsen said (Who will Get The Cheese?), DSLR enthusiasts have been enjoying unprecedented benefits for such a low price: high sensitivity and low noise, filmic depth-of-field, high dynamic range, interchangeable lenses. The drawbacks however have been very strong too: intense aliasing, rolling-shutter artifacts, imperfect recording codec, short record times, bad audio, and an awkward DSLR form factor that won’t hold comfortably.

It will be very exciting to see if Sony manages to overcome these issues in this new product. And also, despite the low depth-of-field that makes focusing so difficult to achieve, can Sony manage to make this a product that ordinary prosumers / hobbyists can truly enjoy carrying around and travel with – or instead will that be again basically a tool for indie film makers only like the current video DSLRs.

Product availability expected for Fall 2010.

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Siel-Satis 2009 Trade Show: Sony PMW-EX1R, PMW-350, and JVC’s 3D video

New Sony PMW-350After Sony teased the whole world with an earth-shattering announcement, it was high time to join the party at the Siel & Satis 2009 Trade Show in Paris and ask the question of all questions:

What is “industry-shaking” in all this?

Get the answer and more after the break with a Q&A report about the new PMW-EX1R and PMW-350, and also a short test of a fascinating device by JVC which converts 2D video to 3D – in real time, please.

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